Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Sad Legacy of Alberto Gonzales

The resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should not have occured in my opinion. He should have been fired long ago. The fact that it took bi-partisan pressure from Senators who were irritated with his selective and faulty memory, and the fact that he kept changing his story, reflects as much upon President Bush as it does upon his A.G.

Sidney Blumenthal from Salon had a most interesting article on Gonzales and his career and the role he played within the Bush/Rove clique that ultimately acheived ultimate power in our republic. Nick-named "Fredo", his similarities to the pathetically weak son from the Godfather saga is illuminating. Fredo, in the Bush drama, appears to have been a lackey doing the bidding of Bush, Rove and Cheney. If anyone doubts that illegal wire-tapping and the rejection of the Geneva accords came from the top in this administration, take a look at Gonzoles and the role he has played over time with this group and you get a sense that his job, was to come up with a legal justification for things that were inherently un-American and to bring more power to the Executive Branch.

As the Bush Presidency winds down, I am amazed that our Republic still stands, weakened though it is with it's diminished core values. Gonzales may resign, but keep in mind, that he was nothing more than consigliery to a corrupt crime family that weakened our Republic in ways that will be discussed by historians for centuries.

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