Monday, December 31, 2007

Would you vote for an Atheist?

One of my Christmas gifts was the book, "The God Delusion", by one of my favorite authors Richard Dawkins. His book, "The Ancestors Tale" is admittedly one of my favorite books. A theme in his book(The God Delusion)is the degree to which people give respect for religious belief and make it unaccountable to evidence and the degree to which atheism is disregarded by Americans.

We as Americans have elected someone who has professed strong beliefs in God. Those beliefs have led him to engage in actions that have been counterproductive to our Republic on many levels. The fit some have over Romney's candidacy as a Mormon is interesting on many levels. I've tried unsuccessfully to tie down Mormons who cry persecution at every corner, whether they would vote for an atheist. Is it we atheists who should cry discrimination? Are we the ones who should worry about others judging us unfairly? Admittedly, a rhetorical question. Even so, how do you perceive an openly atheist candidate would fare, even if his platform conformed to yours?

If you wouldn't vote for a well qualified atheist, ask yourself why you are any better than someone who wouldn't vote for a well qualified Mormon?

Friday, December 21, 2007

Mitt's Newest Bout With The Truth

The latest problem for Mitt regards statements he made concerning watching his father march with Martin Luther King jr. in a Detroit neighborhood, an allusion that was made in Mitt's "religion" speech. The only problem? It never happened. The neighborhood mentioned had never had MLKjr march through it, nor did the Governor of Michigan join him. Oh, and I forgot, Mitt didn't see the non-existent event either, since it happened when he was 20 years old and was an ocean away from Detroit. Mitt to his credit, is trying to spin it as "he saw" figuratively or metaphorically.

Well, when I read about this, my first reaction was, "well perhaps Joseph Smith jr. only figuratively or metaphorically saw God and Jesus in the sacred grove." Well than it comes out that Mitt when asked what he would do if God asked him to do something contrary to his role as President, he indicated something to the effect that "God hadn't talked to anyone since Moses." Wow, maybe I'm a prophet. If I am, I'm sure an unprofitable one.

The biggest problem I have with Mitt is his credibility. Running for office in a liberal state, Mitt is a gay tolerant, pro-choice liberal Republican. Running for the Republican nomination and trying to appeal to Christian fundie core of the Republican party, he's now a social conservative. Mitt's primary ethic seems to be self-interest, rather than having any bedrock principles upon which to build a campaign or a Presidency. This isn't like building your house in the sand, but in a riverbed. Eventually, the flood will come and in Mitt's case, his house is in a very dangerous place.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Mitt's Deal With The Devil

As a Mormon missionary, I learned alot about Mormon doctrine and how it contrasted with mainstream or Nicene Christianity as well as other faiths. I also learned just how sensitive people could be when their beliefs were challenged. A tactic to reduce the tension during a hot theological discussion was to search for some common ground, and take on a common "enemy." When "born-againers" as we called them would challenge me, I'd find common ground tearing into the dogmas of the Jehovah's Witnesses. When dealing with a "jaydub" as we called them, I'd tear into "born-againer's" dogma.

This is what Mitt Romney did in his inexcusable affront to our Republic in his speech yesterday. By tearing into atheists, non-believers and others and calling them members of the "religion of secularism", Mitt sought to gain friends by claiming a common enemy. Mitt has sold his soul to the devil of theocratic Republicanism, a Republicanism that claims that America's birthright is given only to those who believe in God. He has shown that he wishes to use the apparatus and resources of the state to promote religion, atleast as it pertains to the common ground he feels with the Christian right.

Mitt and his fellow Mormons continue to crawl on the cross, claiming persecution and discrimination. Why wouldn't anyone vote for a Mormon? I for the record have said I would vote for a Mormon for President. But after watching Mitt's speech, I can categorically say, if I vote for a Mormon for President, it sure as hell won't be Mitt.