Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don't Worry, God Will Provide

It is an interesting time at my day job. My southern baptist secretary has said in the past, that a woman should never hold the position of President, because God has not ordained women to lead. I've been reluctant to ask her about Sarah Palin, one actuarially likely ruler of the free world should McCain gain election in November. Her opposition to Hillary was based upon "biblical principles", but I haven't heard whether those principles apply to the recently elected Governor of Alaska.

I suspect there may be a paradigm shift going on with my fine secretary. A devout Christian, who believes firmly in an inerrant Bible, may be able to overcome her gender, and like Ruth through her humility and prayer guide our nation to further the Christian cause.

And as far as the large number of pressing issues facing the next administration, don't worry, with a devout Christian in the second spot, God will provide. God will bless us all for our electing a believer, not a deceiver. God will bless us because we didn't allow eight years of failure determine our future. After all, Moses floundered in the desert for forty years, as a test of our fortitude. And yet God provided. Manna from heaven, like lost manufacturng jobs, will certainly come if a true believer ascends to national prominence. This economic crisis is the result of us falling from grace. Once a true believer is in place whispering spiritual wisdom into the ears of an aging, pliable, former maverik, our nation shall gain a powerful ally, God the father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, manifest with single purpose to turn our nation into a Christian nation, a nation that will throttle rival mythologies. A nation that will act with a righteous fatalism, and do all it can to bring forth armegeddon and bring about the second coming.

Oh, if I were a true believer, I'd put away the concerns about gender. Perhaps Paul overstated his case against women, perhaps when the chips are down, God has a special surprise for all of us, that a woman shall lead us to salvation, to a nation ready to welcome his second coming, to a nation willing to destroy Satan's adversaries to mark the way for his return. Notice should got out to atheists, homosexuals, feminists (unless saved by grace), intellectuals, mormons, and other non-believers, that the time has come, and Sarah Palin, with the grace of God, shall lead us to that terrible, yet wonderful time, where righteousness (as we define it) shall prevail, and wickedness (as we define it) shall utter it's last breath.

Ok, now why is there a green pod next to me.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully, we have not had any problems over the last 8 years while we have been led by a true believer. Bush is every bit as much a believer as McCain (or Palin). Then again, so is Obama (a true believer - despite any rumors to the contrary).

Urban Koda said...

It was with some amuzement that I saw a news story in the Trib a few weeks ago, asking if Mormons could vote for Palin, despite, her being a member of the Assemblies of God, which group was apparently considered to be very anti-mormon.

Interesting problem that! I suspect that despite that fact, most Utahns will drink the Republican cool aid and vote for McCain anyway.

The difference between Obama and McCain, Palin and Bush, is that Obama appears to keep his personal beliefs separate from his politics. It was his speech a year or two back about the role of faith in politics that first turned my favor towards him.

Obi wan liberali said...

the problem I have with Palin, is I gain a strong sense, that she would love to use the power of the state to promote her religious views. Her stridency seems extreme, even compared to George W. Bush.

Someone should ask her point blank, does she consider Mormons Christians? I would love to see her pause, cough, and weigh her words.

Urban Koda said...

I'd pay good money to see that video!!

In a way, I see her nomination as just a carefully calculated political move. Part of me wonders if that is indeed that case, and if so, if she realizes that she's just being used to further Mr. McCains political campaign.