Monday, November 24, 2008

Red/Blue Schizofrenia

Ok, I live in a red state but vote decidedly blue. I graduated from a red school and wear red atheistically and would never be caught wearing a blue shirt unless it was a dress shirt or pants. So I wrote this poem in hopes everyone will know where I stand.

The Red and the Blue

I vote for blue and root for red,
I’m sure I will until I’m dead,
A moderate liberal is my creed,
A Utah Man it’s red I bleed,

I take on those who offer myths,
I think of cougar fans as stiffs,
No honor code I drink merlot,
Just like some cougar fans I know,

I hang with people zoobies scorn,
Like liberals, gays and lowly born,
Admit I must I still break bread,
With those in blue instead of red,

My mother, brother, sister too,
Attended school, that school of blue,
And even some have voted red,
Didn’t they hear a word I’ve said?,

And love them still though pity most,
These folk I love amidst such a host,
Long-suffering often's been my fate,
Voting blue in this red state,

But lift my chin cause who’d a guessed,
An Obama win and the BCS,
Have made it spring in this dreary fall,
Destroying the Y- THAT SAYS IT ALL

Congratulations Utes and Obama
You’ve made my year

Utah 48 BYU 24
Obama 365 McCain 173


bekkieann said...

And a poet, too! Who knew?!

Delightful post.

just-commenting said...

I like it! The only blue that's true and worthy of my support is the Obama team and the color that is found up north as Aggie Blue.

I also have an advanced degree from the U, and I must say that the few hours spent on Saturday watching the game was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The outsome saved us all from a "fate worse than death."

Q. What is more obnoxious than a BYU fan when they lose?

A. A BYU fan when they win.

Obi wan liberali said...

JC, I narrow down obnoxious to basically, a BYU fan.

Bekkieann, I've been told many times how people love my poetry, but they usually say, "don't quit your day job."

bekkieann said...

I don't know, it has a certain rhythm. If you were a cartoonist too, you might have a Dr. Seuss thing going there.

Obi wan liberali said...

To Bekkieann:

I would not could not vote for red,
Even guys named John or Fred,
I could not vote them in a pinch,
Or give a yard, a foot or inch,
A vote for red I'd be no man,
I could not vote them Bekkieann,

I would not could not root for blue,
Even if my days were few,
To root for blue would leave me numb,
I hope I never get that dumb,
I'll never be a girly man,
I root against them Bekkieann

bekkieann said...

That's just too great! Made me laugh. Now I'm memorialized in rhyme. :-)