Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Congrats to Secretary Rice

I come from a long line of renaissance men. My father was a politician and a musician. How impressive is it for our first black secretary of state, to perform classical music before a British Monarch? Pretty significant when you think about it. Condi Rice found herself in a very difficult situation, surrounded by a boatload of alpha males who were supremely sure of themselves such as Rumself, Cheney and Powell, and ultimately she outlived all of them in relevance.

I actually have a fair amount of respect for Condi Rice. Do I agree with all her decisions and whether she had the backbone to say "George, I don't think the evidence warrants our invasion." Yeah, Condi Rice has faults, as do most of us. But she also had the courage to "reset the assumptions" regarding American policies in Iraq and ultimately send Rumsfeld into historical malignancy.

Admittedly, Condi is a mixed bag, as are most of us mere mortals. But I was moved by how she was moved by Obama's election. Her performance before a foreign queen, displaying her skills not in diplompacy, but in the arts, speaks well for her. And I honor her in this post, by acknowledging that despite her checkered record, she can still uplift in the realm of the arts.

Nice job, Condi.

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