Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ode to the Tea Party

I have been inspired to come out of retirement. I owe it all to the "grass-roots" tea parties that dotted out nation yesterday. I may have to limit my scope in what I post, but I think I've worked it out so I can atleast post periodically.

Here is my Ode to the Tea Parties

Obi’s Ode to the Tea Parties

Black tea, grean tea, tea, tea, tea,
I heard it from Sean Hannity,
Damn those taxes damn Obama,
Damn his wife, his dad and mama,
Just like patriots boarding ships,
Let’s chuck the bags and shun the sips,
And fight our cause for God and nation,
This thing called taxes from representation,

Our cause is just our brain cells few,
We’re mad at those who voted blue,
We’ll yell “let’s take our nation back”,
“Let’s storm the dam, let’s make it crack,”
Eight years of Bush just ain’t enough,
Of runaway spending and talking tough,
There’s so much more that we can trash,
In our economy that we helped to crash,

And never mind the Constitution,
Let’s overthrow the institution,
Let’s protest loud, they’ll hear our plea,
With help from Beck and Hannity,
We’ll party on with bags and strings,
We’ll see if Glenn Beck cries or sings,
Let’s protest this Obamanation,
Taxes left from the Bush Administration,

We’re born again we’ve seen the light,
Deficit spending is our fight,
Ok for Bush but shame on Obama,
Let’s foam at the mouth as we ramp up the drama,
Our grass-roots movement pimped by Fox,
Buy some Lipton by the box,
As we who’ve always voted red,
A movement given up for dead,

We’re still around our cause is proud,
With Rush and Plumber guy leading our crowd,
As Glenn Beck’s gets all misty-eyed,
Waving the flag and filling his pride,
With angry words from Atlantic to Pacific,
Rhetorically lame no proposals specific,
Our tea party may not make much sense,
But at least we’ve got anti-oxidants.


Jason The said...

Welcome back.

bekkieann said...

Haha! You are still in fine form. Good to see this post. You've been missed.

Jeremy said...

Welcome back! Great song.

derekstaff said...

A beauty!

Obi wan liberali said...

Thanks yall. I hope to do some writing again. May the farce be with you all.