Monday, November 26, 2007

Good Bye Old Friend- Sen. Ed Mayne

Sen. Ed Mayne will be missed by many. Eddie was unashamed to stand up for working men and women. He valued those whose hands got dirty and greasy and brought home paycheck and raised a family. If first met Eddie Mayne back in 1984 when he was the head of the AFL-CIO and I was involved in as a political volunteer on several levels. Eddie was a guy who could motivate others to put forward alot of effort on behalf of issues important to them such as worker's rights, benefits, health care and affordable housing. When he entered the Senate in the 1990's, Utah gained a much needed legislative advocate for working people and the issues important to them.

Convention will seem alot more sparse without such an animated and bigger than life character as Sen. Mayne. My heart goes out to Karen and family with sincere condolensces for their loss, and I think I speak for many Utahns that we are grateful that they shared Eddie's time and talents with the rest of us citizens.

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