Monday, March 24, 2008

A Clinton Victory/A Democratic Defeat

Looking at the delegate math, it is now impossible for Hillary Clinton to win the nomination without taking a significant majority of superdelegates. Even with lopsided wins in the remaining primaries and caucuses, it is virtually impossible to overtake Obama's pledged delegate lead. If this is the case, a Hillary victory in convention will be a disaster for the Democratic Party. Can you imagine Hillary trying to draw any support from the Democratic African-American voters after party insiders deciding against their candidate who won the majority of primaries and caucuses?

To put it simply, for a Democratic Presidential victory in 2008, Hillary must concede the election. And there is no sign that she is willing to do that. And every attack she makes against Obama is just giving the Republicans a jump-start to what will be coming from the "Republican noise machine." I believe it is time for party insiders to approach Hillary and explain the situation. Would she rather have John McCain or Barak Obama? That is really the choice Hillary has to make. Because her as President at this point is statistically virtually impossible. And with every gasp Hillary makes in this impossible quest, it makes her look less and less like the stateswoman she wants to be, and more the politician so many fear she is.

Hillary made a good, impressive run at the Presidential nomination. She showed a passion that few people, myself included, thought that she possessed and could show the voters. She came to debates well prepared, and I believe she has run a good campaign that she and her supporters can be proud of. But the game is up. Do we want Barak Obama, or John McCain? A vote for Hillary at this point is a vote for John McCain.


rmwarnick said...

A vote for Hillary is a vote for McCain? Yes, because her campaign has already conceded that McCain would be the best choice for President-- based on "experience" = time in Washington + commander-in-chief cred.

just-commenting said...

The problem is that she, just as many others with a colossal ego, is unable to see things as they really are. She could probably understand it quite well if it were someone else, but her past, as well as her perspective, is that the rules do not apply to them (the Clintons) the same way as they do for real people.

She is making it very clear that this is all about Hilary, and not about ideals or her party.

Obi wan liberali said...

Good point Richard. I can hear McCain using Hillary's words against her in the unlikely chance she gets the nomination.

Hillary needs to step back and look at the race objectively. If the superdelegates give her the nomination, she will lose the general election. African-Americans will feel like they've been alienated from the party by back-room insiders, and to a point, they'd be right. The damage might be alot more long-lasting than the 2008 election.

Salt H2O said...

Hillary will win the nomination. Never underestimate the sneakiness of a Clinton.