Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hillary's desperation

Failing to inspire a vision of her Presidency, Hillary has resorted to fear-mongering. I suppose that in her position, I might consider doing the same thing. The LBJ commercial against Goldwater is reminiscent of Hillary's 3:00 a.m. commercial. The fact that it worked against Goldwater, who in the end, was far more moderate than modern conservatives, shows that it is effective.

However, I have to give alot of kudos to Obama, whose response was appropriate and pointed. What I want is a Democrat who isn't ashamed of being a Democrat. I'm tired of Democrats trying to show their toughness by their ascribing to bad conservative policies. Obama understands that strength is borne by building alliances, not alienating other countries. Obama understands that having the best military in the world is both an asset, and a responsibility.

To OBama's credit, he has consitently shown good judgement in his responses to Hillary. He'll have to face similar challenges from various leaders of other countries. I value judgement more than I do experience. I've known far too many well experienced individuals who have incorporated bad ideas that were considered mainstream and prudent. Hillary despite her many strengths seems to fall into this mindset.

I want a President that is smart, articulate, and can lead a coalition that can get things done. I love Hillary's passion, but I doubt her ability to accomplish the objectives she seeks. I have greater faith in Obama to accomplish those things. As a leader in an organization, I've learned to trust my instincts when making hiring decisions, and those instincts have served me very well. Those instincts tell me that we Democrats must elect Obama.


Captain Mark said...


I agree that Obama can do what it takes to make things happen. His organization is technically superior (his campaign office in Chicago) looks like an insurance or securities company. They seem to know ahead of time what Hillary is going to throw at them, and already have response ad's in the can that can go up on the Internet. I'm very very impressed with this organization, however I say this again, is the Country ready to elect a black to the Office of President of the United States? I think the answer is yes for the boomer generation and younger, but the greatest generation may keep if from happening with silent bigotry. Keep in mind that the beginning of WW2 black members of the military were segregated, and mostly given the jobs that nobody else wanted. It took five years just to get a little change. Time will solve this issue, as it will with Gay's and other social taboos. We shall just have to wait and see

Obi wan liberali said...

I hope you are wrong captain mark. We should all keep in mind that it was the "greatest generation" that helped end the hundred year apartheid of segregation, though admittedly, not everyone came along.

More than bigotry, I think older Americans might go for McCain simply because they relate better to someone closer to their age. I could be wrong however.

just-commenting said...

I am of the "older generation" and although I was too young to serve in WW2, I am old enough to remember it.

I grew up in a time when racial prejudice was the norm for the majority of the population. However, I always opposed it, and as a physician, even in Utah, hired some nurses of African ancestry (as well as Hispanic and other "minorities") to work in my office, not by design, but because they were the best applicants. Their race was never a consideration for or against hiring them.

Despite my age, and having grown up in small-town Utah, I strongly support Obama and hope fervently for the opportunity to vote for him in November.