Saturday, March 1, 2008

Looking at Vision

As I've looked at the Democratic nomination process, I've come to certain conclusions. One is that Hillary Clinton is a very formidable person, who is well prepared, well educated and dives down to specifics in a way that is truly impressive.

I have also watched the phenomenom of Barak Obama, where he projects a vision more than he does specifics. Even so, when pressed, he shows an impressive command of understanding the trade-offs that are inherent to the issues confronted by Presidential candidates.

One of the great things about the competitive Democratic primary, has been to the fact that the American public has been exposed to the depth both in vision and specific understandings of issues that lacked in the discourse when the Republican nomination was still in question. Republicans gravitated to conservative talking points, all trying to outdo each other in how they aligned themselves to conservative dogma.

Democrats in contrast dealt with items both telescopal as well as microscopal in ways that were and are far more significant than Republicans. Republicans have managed to take John McCain and forced him to dumb down in order to appeal to the base. Democrats challenge their constituency, Republicans mollify them. The contrast is very telling. Republicans wish to rule an ignorant people, whereas Democrats seek to embolden an enlightened one. These are two visions for our Republic. One shows a faith in the people. One shows contempt. Though I am an avowed atheist, in this case, I'm willing to side with faith.

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