Wednesday, May 7, 2008

200,000 Votes That May Have Sealed the Deal

Yesterday, Barak Obama narrowly lost in Indiana, and received a solid win in North Carolina. Over 200,000 more voters voted for Barak Obama than they did for Hillary Clinton, despite some of the most difficult publicity Obama had to face regarding Rev. Jeremy Wright. This very well may have been the final major test Obama needed to pass to show that he is the presumptive nominee of the party. For superdelegates or some sort of Clinton machinations regarding Michigan or Florida, to overturn both the results of the popular vote as well as the pledged delegates would destroy the Democratic Party. Despite Rush Limbaugh's efforts at getting Republicans to vote for Hillary, Obama has shown the resiliency he needed to show.

Hillary at this point needs to step back and examine not only what is best for our party, but what is best for Hillary. For her to continue on would seem more like rage, than courage. The time has come for Democrats to lick their wounds and unify their message and their resolve. It's time for Obama to start contemplating Vice Presidential candidates, and strengthen his organization with some of Hillary's most savvy advisors.

And more than anything, it is time to shine our focus on John McCain and clearly show that a vote for McCain is a vote for a third Bush term. It is a vote for more illegal wars, illegal detentions, spying on Americans and tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. It is time for Barak Obama to step back and put a winning strategy together to beat John McCain and to end the reign of error, terror and incompetence that we've faced for two terms.

And for us Utah Democrats, let's all get together this Friday and Saturday and break bread and enoble our candidates locally and nationally. Metaphorically, we are the Rohirian horsemen bravely facing a more numerous and better funded foe, but we hold the high ground, and we will prevail.

"Ride for Ruin, and a well won day."


just-commenting said...

I think that a rout in North Carolina, together with a near dead-heat in Indiana, does indeed seal it for Obama. That really solves a dilemma for me, as I did not want to vote for McCain, but could not overcome my revulsion at the thought of voting for Hilary.

It is a sad commentary on politics that in 12 presidential elections, I have had to vote with misgivings (choosing the lesser of two evils) 9 times. I was too young to be able to vote for Truman or Eisenhower, but remember those elections well. Only 3 times in the past have I felt completely comfortable in my choice, so this year it appears that there will be a 4th.

We REALLY need a change, and although there are issues on which I disagree with Obama, I feel that he is decent, responsible, capable, and as honest as a politician can be. I think that the leadership of the country will be in good hands if he is elected.

Urban Koda said...

"as honest as a politician can be"

I got a chuckle out of that one, but I tend to agree.

I'm in the same boat. I did a issues match up quiz online, and Obama ended up at the bottom of my list - I think it was like 7% match or something. That said I think he would still get my vote.

I did like a comment by Jesse Ventura on the Tonight Show last week - He want's to add a "None of the above" category to the ballot, for times like the last few where you have to pick the lesser of two evils.