Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Terrorist Loving Liberal"

Every once in a while, I get fan e-mail per my blogs or my book reviews on Amazon. An individual who I won't out, e-mailed me concerning my book reviews of "Fiasco" and "The One Percent Doctrine", in which I basically restated what the books said regarding the behavior of the Bush Administration leading up to war in Iraq. Here are some quotes from the e-mail I received.

"You libs sure are quick to judge the Pres do (sp) to the lib media, and you lib losers in cyberland help to this unamerican activity. You and your terrorist loving liberal friends are destroiying (Sp) our country by undermining our president. I hope the next terrorist attack kills you or someone you love. You libs hate america as much as Al Qaeda, and Al Qaeda loves you too. If it were up to me, you libs could join the terrorists and (at?) Gitmo and get you out of the way so america can become the country of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, not Jimmy Carter and Teddy Kennedy."

My smartass response is below.

"Wow, even by e-mail I can see the vein in your neck, your bulging eyes, and the puffed up hairless chest. For the record, I found it interesting that you capitalized Al Qaeda, but not America. I'll assume that it was a lack of education rather than a love of Al Qaeda that was being articulated. I also find it interesting that you would wish harm upon someone who has done nothing to you. I see a pattern in this conservative thinking. Thomas Jefferson once said, "dissent is the highest form of patriotism." Dissenting to a poor President is not only the highest form of patriotism, but blindly supporting a bad President is flat out dangerous to our Republic."

"As for being a "terrorist loving liberal", first you need some definitions. What is a terrorist? Terrorism is a tactic, not a philosophy. Is terrorism basically anyone who doesn't work lockstep with the United States? Think about it. As for liberal, I willingly accept that I could possibly be considered a liberal given my political viewpoints. But so could people like Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and many others. Liberals are generally for change, to try to make things better. Conservatives are tied to the past traditions and see change as threatening. So if you want to link me to Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln, I'll willingly allow you to link me with Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter."

"As for me ending up at Gitmo, I have no doubts that some conservatives think liberals should all be locked up, or sent packing. However, I'm confident that once we've been dealt with, conservative neurosis, given what it is, will find other demons to fear and hate. You might want to approach this logically and list all the groups you would like to obliterate, prioritize them and start laying out your plans. That's what Hitler did."

"Best regards."

I welcome his response.


JM Bell said...

That was beautiful, Obi.

Why does loving America have to include being an ignorant, grammar and spelling challenged dipshit?

I love America, but not enough, apparently.

Damn you semicolon! Why must I both love and use thee properly?

Urban Koda said...

I had a run in with a similar type of person yesterday, only he wasn't quite as disrespectful, and I wasn't as quite as eloquent with my response.

Very well put. Interestingly enough, I would consider myself somewhat right leaning, but yet I find I have more in common with clear thinking, left of the aisle people. I think the problem is that this country isn't being run by the left or the right, it's being run by deceit, greed and corruption. When it comes down to it, the only difference between honest left and right people is just how to accomplish what is best for the nation - the objectives are basically the same.

Obi wan liberali said...

Mostly I get stuff like this one I received last year.


Lay off the, I Know every thing and you're all stupid bit, You're starting to smell like Theodore (Clever) Kennedy, The Murdering "Pompous Ass" from Boston! If you all were smart you would not be a"Lib"! Its
time to grow up!!"

Atleast this guy didn't want me incarcerated or obliterated.

Urban Koda said...

I don't know if I've ever seen you do the "I Know every thing and you're all stupid" bit. Have to pay better attention.

My favorite was one I got on KSL. It was something to the effect of "Go find a hole and die, you commie lib"

I forget the topic of the article I got it on... I think I was arguing for a very conservative, libertarian type side of it, so I got quite a kick out of the 'commie lib' part of it. I think words like that and 'terrorist' just get thrown around as soon an opposing view point, or perceived opposing view point is encountered.

Obi wan liberali said...

Urban, back when I could still post over at, I had to chuckle when someone from right field would call me a "looser." Nothing says moron like mispelling an insult.