Saturday, May 31, 2008

What Scott McClellan's Book Means

More than anything else, McClellan called out our weak and easily manipulated press. Though conservative nutjobs still try to portray our propaganda networks as the "liberal media", the reality is, that they have been weak enablers of the worst executive behavior our Republic has endured. Glenn Greenwald has been a lone voice in the wilderness exposing their vapid adherence and support for authoritarian conservatism. And then McClellan comes along and makes Greenwald's point for him.

When a former Presidential Press Secretary basically says to the press, you were what used car salesmen call, "laydowns", you know our Republic has failed at many levels. That MSNBC terminated their most highest rated show, because it was liberal and anti-war (say Phil Donahue), is revealing and highly disturbing. Watching the enablers such as Brian Williams, Tom Brokaw, Tim Russert and others try to wring their hands over their complicity in enabling the Bush administration is both entertaining and disturbing. I knew I couldn't trust Fox (Pravda) News, but now I have reasons to doubt NBC as well.

It is also interesting to see how conservatives have reacted to McClellan's revelations. You see them saying, "why haven't you said anything before", or "he's just trying to make money out of his book", but what I haven't seen yet is anyone refuting what he has to say. Neocons feel they've been betrayed. But not because he was incorrect, but because he undermined them and their objectives. Ultimately, that is the indictment of the Bush legacy. That when someone tells all, they can't refute the truth, but they will attack the messenger. Very enlightening.

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