Monday, May 12, 2008

State Democratic Convention- My Thoughts

First of all, let me say congratulations to Wayne Holland, Rob Miller and the other leaders and volunteers who put on a wonderful convention. More than anything, I enjoy the convention for the opportunity to see so many old political friends from campaigns past, to talk to and get to know the candidates running this time around, and to give my respects to those who currently serve the public holding elected office.

I was really struck this election with the incredible excitement and energy among Democrats. Everyone I talked to who like me had attended these things going on our third decade, can scarcely recall such optimism. The most inspiring part of the convention for me was attending Congressional District 1 caucus to select Obama delegates. I was genuinely inspired by the conviction, excitement and optimism of so many of the thirty odd candidates. Though the room was hotter than a family values politician’s second or third wife, the energy of the candidates, all of them, made it worth the time in the sauna. There were people such as Glenn Wright who had donated so much time and energy to the campaign, I was disappointed he didn’t win a delegate spot. Kathy Snyder stole the show with her impassioned speech and there were too many to mention in a blog post that I would have loved to see have the opportunity to serve as a delegate.

Among the candidates I have been especially impressed with, Morgan Bowen for Congress 1 and Jean Welsh Hill for Attorney General are two I am especially impressed with. One experience I’ll always remember, is the lady who was a Clinton supporter picking up a couple of Obama bumperstickers. She told me sheepishly, “I’m a Hillary supporter, but I’m also a realist, and frankly, we don’t need John McCain.” Now that is the “audacity of hope.”

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