Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gary Pratt- A Tribute

Former Salt Lake County Treasurer, Gary Pratt, died on May 22. I knew Gary Pratt from political circles, and even when I disagreed with him, I found him a real gentleman to deal with. Working with Art Monson at the Salt Lake County Treasurer's office, he succeeded Monson and did a wonderful job, until the idiotic 1994 elections came along and threw out most of the Democratic office holders in the Republican revolution that brought us Enid Waldholtz, Chris Cannon, Mary Callaghan, Doug Short and a whole basket of Republican loonies, many of which remain in office today.

Gary was a loyal Democrat who helped many candidates over the years. He was also heavily involved in the Jaycees, and did a great deal of community service through that organization. Gary took seriously his job as Treasurer and wanted to make sure that people who qualified for certain exemptions from taxes received them. He was especially interested in programs that would help the poor and indigent.

Though sad to hear of his passing, I'm glad his struggle with Alzheimers is over. This insidious disease took Gary from his family and friends long before his heart failed him. We Democrats have lost alot of great people during the past few years. So many stalwarts who fought the brave fight against incredible odds. Rest in peace, my old friend.

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