Monday, June 23, 2008

My Letter to Rep. Matheson

I need some justification for your vote to provide Telecom amnesty for unlawful surveillance of Americans done by the Bush Administration.

To eviscerate the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution on a bi-partisan basis has caused me to wonder to what advantage is there to have a Democrat in Congress, if their devotion to Constitutional principles is on par with their Republican colleagues?

Please provide me with some justification for this bill. If there is some sound justification, perhaps I will reconsider my position. I would appreciate some clarification.

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JM Bell said...

That's nicer than the one I almost sent:

"Hey, f*ckwit, what gives?"

I had a rambling missive with some CAFTA and Torture in it, but, after the above four words, I figure I had it covered and I knew I'd never actually get an answer that wasn't written by a 19 year old intern.

Rob Latham said...

Jim Matheson is also a co-sponsor of H. Con. Res. 362, which has been characterized as authorizing a naval blockade of Iran by the U.S. military.

(Does anyone remember Lieutenant Commander Arthur McCollum's eight-point plan to provoke Japanese aggression that would bring America into World War II?)

Chris Cannon is also a co-sponsor. Surprisingly, as of this writing Rob Bishop is not a co-sponsor.

Urban Koda said...

Any response on this one yet? Not that any of us would likely expect anything of substance.

Obi wan liberali said...

Not a word from Matheson. Just the usual crickets chirping. I love responsive democracy. I would think that Matheson would have his people responding to correspondence, and even responding to blogs. Matheson may be as out of touch as Hatch, Bennett and Bishop for what I can tell.