Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tim Russert was a good guy

The accolades his peers have poured upon him as he tragically passed away shows that he was a truly good guy. He was thoughtful, and considerate. He treated public officials with respect and gave them the benefit of the doubt on many things. How history will treat him is perhaps more circumspect.

As the person who asked the questions of public officials on the most widely viewed Sunday morning TV show, the question that will ultimately define his tenure will be, "did he ask the right questions." Tim was in a most priviledged spot. He was the point man on the nation's most significant TV news show. He had access to the real "players." He was unique in his position to ask the "hard questions." And those questions were never asked.

Most organizations fail, not because they have bad people, but because good people fail to ask the right questions. Tim Russert failed to ask the right questions. He was a good guy, miscast when our country seriously needed a lion, not a lamb. Tim was a good guy. I lament his death, but I hope that our mainstream press will wake up from their slumber, and DO THEIR JOB. I'm not holding my breath.

Tim, rest in peace. You truly were a good guy.

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