Monday, June 23, 2008

Trying to Make Sense of the FISA Capitulation

First of all, I decided not to write about this bill this weekend because I was too hopping mad. When I write when I'm that bent out of shape, who knows who I'm going to tear into. As I've sat back and contemplated, "why would Democratic leaders do this?" I've come to this conclusion. "They were complicit in the whole thing." It to me is the only explanation that makes sense. Democrats were made aware of what the Bush Administration was doing, and complicitly said, "do it." I know it sounds conspiratorial, but it is the only plausible explanation I can think of for their actions. This wasn't about spinelessly going with a corrupt executive, this was about covering their own misdeeds.

A traumatized nation magnified the Al Qaeda victories over us on 9/11 by surrendering many of our most prescious liberties. Democrats were complicit in that surrender. They didn't have the moral courage to stand up and protest and reign in an executive which took on unconstitutional powers in order to "protect us." And outside of a few outspoken liberal bloggers, the public has been silent. Let's admit it, outside of the liberal blogosphere, all I hear are the chirps of crickets. In fact, I found it hard to find a local news outlet to adequately report on what had happened.

The fourth amendment only matters to us liberal bloggers and maybe half of the Democratic Congressional delegation. And we are not a coalition, that is going to preserve our Constitution. This reminds me of a scene from Star Wars episode three: "So this is how democracy ends, with rapturous applause."


rmwarnick said...

It's been a rough weekend. Nothing about this on the cable channels or the Sunday morning talk shows. Not a word in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Here we are running around with hair on fire and the media doesn't even smell smoke!

Obi wan liberali said...

It's like the room is full of smoke, but there must be no fire because the alarm isn't sounding.

I still haven't heard from Rep. Matheson's office on an explanation behind his vote. I specifically requested one. If I get one, I'll be sure to post it.

Jesse Harris said...

Believe it or not, some non-liberals don't much care for this either. Like me.

JM Bell said...

I know I don't constitute "media," but I made a little noise:

Obi wan liberali said...

JM, since KSL has banned me, I don't listen to or watch them our of principle, even though I'm aware you got a gig there (congrats by the way). The silence over this issue is really interesting.

I did have a little temper tantrum over the bill I posted over on my other blog but decided I would cool down a bit before I wrote more on FISA per this blog.

Jesse, I'm glad to hear there are some non-liberals who are concerned. Maybe I need to listen more carefully.

JM Bell said...

Does listening to my podcast of the show constitute listening to KSL?

(serious question)

Obi wan liberali said...

Good point to consider. Never occured to me. Being somewhere between a boomer and GEN X, "what's a podcast?"