Monday, June 30, 2008

General Richard Meyers- War Criminal

An investigation into the systematic use of torture as an interrogation technique has found that Gen. Richard Meyers, while acting as Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, quashed legal review of the approved techniques. From an article by Mark Benjamin of Salon,

"In late 2002, documents show, officials from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps all complained that harsh interrogation tactics under consideration for use at the prison in Guantánamo Bay might be against the law. Those military officials called for further legal scrutiny of the tactics. The chief of the Army's international law division, for example, said in a memo that some of the tactics, such as stress positions and sensory deprivation, "cross the line of 'humane treatment'" and "may violate the torture statute."

However, General Myers put an end to the legal debate. When all four branches of the military have reservations, I would think, that maybe the commanding General would as well.

I remember watching the series Battlefied: Stalingrad, Prelude to Battle. The narrator said something to effect, "that German soldiers would descend to a level of barbarism, that soldiers of previous generation would have considered unthinkable." And so it is with our Secretary of Defense, and top military officer, that they would authorize actions that would descend to a level of barbarism, that the previous generation would have considered "unthinkable." And it seems that only a bunch of left-wing liberal bloggers could actually care less. That is very worrisome.

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