Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Profiles of Cowardice- Yep, I'm still Pissed

Finally, we have Democratic leaders who will stand up to the Bush Administration's grasping for unfettered executive powers. NOT!!!!! Our first female Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gave in without dinner, a movie or even a little hand-holding. And our brave and valiant Majority Leader, Steney Hoyer, certainly, this brave foot soldier from Maryland would defend our Constitutional values. Certainly, he has the testosterone to say to Bush and his cronies "Don't even think about it, bucko!." Well then again, maybe not.
Steney would have taken on the schoolyard bully, but hey, he was late for debate class and by giving in, he would look like someone who genuinely likes a peaceful schoolyard.

Certainly, Utah's lone brave Democratic Congressman, Jim Matheson, will have the intestinal fortitude to atleast yell at the bully and tell him "you've gone too far this time." Nope, just crickets. Blue-belly Matheson was in the boy's room hiding in a stall with his feet in the air, hoping no one would notice him.

Alright, so our House Speaker, Majority Leader and local blue-belly warrior won't do anything, certainly we can call upon our presumptive Presidential candidate to, how shall we say, "act Presidential." He's even made a public commitment to filibuster telecom amnesty. Now we've got ya, Repug totalitarians.
What you say? So acting Presidential is acting bi-partisan now? Not new leadership, just old appeasement to the Bush Administration? Sigh. And we're the party of Harry Truman?

I give up. Who's next in this legislative appeasement policy?

Oh yeah. I forgot.


SLC Mama said...

Matheson has pulled stuff like this since the beginning. I finally gave up on him when he voted for the Military and Commisions Act of 2006 which basically meant he was willing to sign away Habeas Corpus.

Obi wan liberali said...

I am someone who has a long-term positive relationship with the Matheson family. At this point, I consider Jim Matheson an embarrassment and a political toy of the Bush Administration. I articulated my concerns and they have ignored them. Such cowardice is very disconcerting. I know Jim's mother and his family, but his lack of resolve for basic fundamental constitutional principles leaves me no choice but to call him to account.