Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Giving Credit When It's Due to Morgan Bowen

Admittedly, I was very irritated at the FISA capitulation. I harangued unmercifully our own beloved Rep. Jim Matheson, Speaker Pelosi, Stoney Hoyer and Barack Obama. What I never really did in one of my posts was give adequate kudos to Morgan Bowen for speaking out on that issue. This was not an issue that had alot of upside with Utah voters. I had a difficult time finding much discussion of the bill on SLTRIB, DESNEWS, KSL or any other local news source. But I found it significant that Morgan Bowen became knowledgable on the subject, and recognized the gravity of what was happening. And he did what statesmen do, he spoke out and put himself on the record, that Constitutional principles mean something to him.

I first met Morgan Bowen at my county convention. I was deeply impressed not only with his knowledge, but his passion for the principled positions I believe Utahns can embrace if they cut through the clutter of soundbites and flag-waving. The breadth of his knowledge was matched with a determination to use that knowledge to better our Republic and I have the utmost respect for individuals willing to invest their time to our political process and to provide voters with a sound choice.

So, much belated kudos to Morgan Bowen for speaking out about the importance of preserving our rights under the fourth amendment. As the election progresses, I will do what I can to help Morgan Bowen get elected. I don't have alot of money to contribute this year, but what I have budgeted for Congressional races, the vast majority will go to the Bowen campaign and a special thanks to Jim Matheson for simplifying my contribution budget.

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Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more. In fact, now that I have moved North I can vote for Morgan Bowen rather than having to choose between Capitulating Matheson or an opponent who would not likely be any better than Matheson.