Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stunned I am- Unlawful Surveillance Made Lawful

I guess I should have seen the writing on the wall. Naively thinking that our Congress and Senate would fulfill their Constitutional role to act as a balance against an unchecked imperial presidency. In the Republican party, where are the Howard Baker's? Where are the Bill Cohen's? And among Democrats, why is it that that only 25 Democrats willing to stand up to the Bush Administration and defend our Constitutional values.

And whenever I hear our brave Utah Senators talk about defending the Constitution, we need to remind them that when it was hanging by a thread, they bore their scissors and cut away. And Obama showed a glimpse into who he really is, which is someone who covets power enough to compromise on principle.


Obi wan liberali said...

Just an aside. As of this writing, has no mention of this important vote, but does let us know that the Ramseys have been cleared in Jon Bonet's death.

Liberty doesn't end with loud applause, it ends with the chirp of crickets.

David said...

I don't think they kept their scissors sheathed until the Constitution was hanging by a thread - I think they keep their scissors ever-handy in case they see any place to conveniently snip (for our own good or the good of our children - I know).

P.S. I studiously avoid commenting where I cannot at least use OpenID (Since my blogger profile can't point to my actual blog) - you might consider opening up the commenting that far (OpenID) because you often have things that make me want to respond.