Thursday, July 17, 2008

There Went Lunch- Courtesy of the Utah Republican Party

from their website at I just read the following under "We Are Republicans Because",


"We are a law abiding Party and support the rule of law."

At the end, they say,

"Join with the Republican Party as we promote and defend these principles and values."

I need a shower.


rmwarnick said...

We Are Republicans Because:

We aren't paying attention to current events.

Obi wan liberali said...

We are Republicans because:

You'll know I'm lying if my lips are moving.

Urban Koda said...

Perhaps this was put up on April 1st, and no-one has bothered to update the site since...

Allie said...

A couple of days ago when I looked, the R party platform was dated 2004.

Cliff said...

Did I hear the State GOP hired an advertising firm and the first thing they did was put a muzzle on James Evans and Chris Buttars?

New rule for Utah 'pubs; STFU

PS: Nice blog ObiWan. I beg you, move to WordPress while you are still small. You won't need to force people to log in.


Obi wan liberali said...

Thanks for the tip Cliff. What is "Wordpress"? I'm quite new to blogging though I've had strong opinions since the late 1970's. I'm still working through the technological part of this trade.