Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Matheson, Matheson, Matheson.....

Sorry for the Ferris Buehler reference.

Just an update- I still have not heard back from our "blue-belly" democratic congressman from the 2nd Congressional District. Neither he, nor one of his staffers has sought to contact me and explain his vote, despite two requests. I'm entertaining plausible explanations for the silence:

1- My e-mail came accross a little strong and therefore I hurt Jim's feelings and he and his staff felt such an e-mail is unworthy of a response from someone with the inherent uprightness of Jim Matheson.

2-Jim has no good explanation for his vote for telecom amnesty. However, he is told by his pollsters that giving his Republican candidate any ammunition at all on being "soft" on the Bush Administration's war on terror is a bad thing, so hopefully, he'll just go away and the issue will die.

3-Jim truly believes that the government should be able to spy on it's citizens without any oversight from the FISA court and that the Telecoms were doing their patriotic duty in fighting the war on terror. Above all, the fact that this liberal blogger is against telecom immunity, suggests he is not a real American and shouldn't be answered by his office, but referred to the FBI for further investigation.

4- Jim and his staff have been busy receiving campaign contributions from telecommunication company execs and will answer the e-mail as soon as he can catch his breath.

I'm betting on either 3 or 4.


Jason The said...

Hey, can you drop me a quick email? I have some exciting news on this topic to pass on, and have no contact info for you.

Obi wan liberali said...

I can be contacted at: