Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hatch and Bennett- Support the Rule of Law

Let's see some noise among the Republican bloggers who support the Fourth Amendment and believe in the rule of law. I already know both Hatch and Bennett, and my opinion generally does not matter to them. Perhaps it does to liberty loving Republicans.

Today, the vote for telecom amnesty goes before the United States Senate. Sen. Hatch and Bennett will show whether they blindly support a corrupt president who spied on Americans without oversight in violation of the law. And they will show that the rule of law means nothing to them, because we can just retro-actively legalize those who broke the law.

So to my Republican friends, I lay the challenge before you. If you support the FISA bill going before the Senate, justify and defend that support. If you oppose the bill, speak up to your Republican U.S. Senators Orrin Hatch and Robert Bennett. I'm counting on you.


rmwarnick said...

The voting has been postponed until tomorrow, which means we lose the rule of law in about 24 hours. Glenn Greenwald has the horrifying details.

Rapid Response Team Blog said...

What's the bill number so I can reference it directly in my communications to Hatch and Bennett

Obi wan liberali said...

H.R. 6304. Good luck getting their attention.

Rapid Response Team Blog said...

Well I have an ace up my sleeve which just might get their attention. I am an insider on the Jason Chaffetz campaign team and what we pulled off has shaken up the establishment already. I'm composing an email to both Senators bringing this point to light and letting them know that the 1,000 plus volunteers who worked to remove Rep Cannon from office feel the same way about Senators Hatch and Bennett and will gladly put the same kind of effort into removing them from office if they don't change their ways very soon. I guess we'll know after the vote tomorrow how much I was able to grab their attention.

Jason The said...

Good to know Chaffetz isn't crazy on EVERY issue.

Frank Staheli said...

A couple of things I like about Glen Greenwald:

Unlike a few radio talk show hosts who shall remain nameless, he's not a shameless party hack. He cries foul whether the sham is perpetrated by a Republican or a Democrat (and in this case both).

He's teaming with Trevor Lyman, of Ron Paul money bomb fame to sponsor an "Accountability Money Bomb" on August 8, the anniversary of the day in 1974 when Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace.

I left messages (in my nice voice!) with both Bennett's and Hatch's office to have someone call me to visit about FISA. We'll see what happens. If they don't call by about 10 AM MST, I'll phone them back.

Obi wan liberali said...

Good point Frank about Greenwald. Part of being principle driven, rather than people/party driven, is a willingness to call the members of your group to task when they do the wrong thing.

That's why I'm not letting Matheson or Obama off the hook for their actions in this case.