Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Principle vrs Party Affiliation

For the record, let me state that I am a liberal Democrat who is moderate in certain ways. I'm a loyal Democrat who has worked hard for many Democratic candidates. I cherish the memory of past associations such as my friend Pete Suazo and Wayne Owens. I've learned alot from people far smarter than me. I've even found wisdom from people less educated and gifted than I view myself.

But let me say, that the partisan discipline and loyalty shown by Republicans in the U.S. Congress and Senate is greatly disturbing to me. That all Republicans should be so like-minded on so many issues makes me seriously wonder, whether Republicans are devoted to our nation, or to the prerogatives of their party affiliation.

There was a time when principled Republicans dared differ from their party bosses. The Watergate impeachment could not have taken place if Republicans such as Sen. Howard Baker, Bill Cohen and others saw their devotion to the rule of law, above their partisan support for President Nixon. It is notable to me, that such figures as a young Congressman named Trent Lott saw the same evidence of obstruction of justice, that Bill Cohen did, and stood by his President and voted NO for impeachment.

Morally, the Republican party is an empty shell of what used to be a principled opposition to governmental intrusion into American citizen's lives. The degradation of the Republican party into a power hungry and amoral, corporately sponsored and inherently corrupt agent of tyranny is embarrassing to the traditions of Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Howard Taft I,II, and III, Barry Goldwater, and Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Republican party has put power over principle on every major issue of our day. The fact that Democrats haven't done more to counter this threat to our Republic is a shame all of us Democrats share. It is that shame, that causes me to speak out and blast people from both parties, when they fail to recognize the significance of what has happened, and display a lack of resolve to correct it.

It may make me as popular as a fart in a crowded elevator. But I'm not interested in popularity. I do this because I'm deeply concerned and I don't feel I have any other outlet. And the "blue-belly" democrats may continue to appease Republican authoritarian tyranny, I will not be party such an appeasement policy.

Sorry to preach.


David said...

Thanks for calling it like it is. Those of us who still believe in "a principled opposition to governmental intrusion into American citizen's lives" find it very disconcerting to feel that there is no political home for us.

Urban Koda said...

Personally I would consider my views very conservative, but recently I have found I would much rather speak with Obi, and some other bloggers from California, who although they have different views are principled in their approach and have solid integrity.

I think nationally the tide is turning towards seeking more principled leadeship for our country on either side of the aisle. I suspect Utah will lag behind in this movement though.

As for the 'fart in a crowded elevator'... I'd take an honest fart over some of the hot air I've been exposed to any day!!

Obi wan liberali said...

Urban, be careful what you wish for ;(). Too much of politics in this country has come down to a sporting event mentality. Power has become the end, not a means to an end. It is true of Democrats as well as Republicans, but the epidemic seems through my partisan lense to be worse over in red state heaven.

Urban Koda said...

Why... Are you considering throwing your hat into the ring?!

I'd have to agree on the sporting event mentallity and on the fact that power has indeed become the end.

While your opinions may differ from mine, you strike me as someone who approaches problems logically, isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and has reasonably pure motives. At the end of the day, I think you and I seek for the same American dream, just from different angles.

As for partisanship in Utah, I think the problem here is that somewhere back along the road, politics and the dominant religion got mixed up. A Republican in Utah can get away with a lot of things, simply because people feel compelled to be part of the unanimous vote sustaining him in his office and there also seems to be a huge fear of change as well.

Obi wan liberali said...

The "why" had to do with the elevator reference.

I love your last comment. "All those in favor of the Republican ticket, so indicate by the raising of the right hand. All those opposed, so indicate."