Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Famous last words from John McCain

From his interview with Jay Leno, "I respect Barack Obama" and "I want to run a respectful campaign". Good luck bucko. You've employed the most heinous and nasty team to further your campaign. The smear campaign that I predict from McCain's surrogates will be unprecedented. It will be interesting to see if this "public minded" McCain will refute his surrogates. Also, McCain was asked by Jay Leno,"how many houses he owned", and he deflected the answer with his desire to keep people in their homes. McCain has become a tragic stooge for those he used to oppose. His desire for power has overcome his instincts for basic goodness. There was John McCain who was willing to be a maverik and serve the public, but that maverik is long gone. He has sold his soul to the same corporate sponsors that bought the so-called moderate George W. Bush.

John McSame has sold his soul for the "ring of power". The "straight talk express" has become the "same talk express." He now represents a continuation of the worst legacy our nation ever experienced. If John McCain had remained the John McCain of 2000, I might actually support a Republican for President. As it stands eight years later, I question the sanity of anyone who would support such as a defector from reason and straight talk. McCain has sold his soul, and I mourn the loss of that soul. But anyone who votes for McCain must wonder, "what does he actually believe?" Personally, I can't tell you. But that uncertainty swamps any ideas that Barack Obama may have broken bread with, gasp, moslems.

McCain would be a disaster for this country. Do I agree with Obama on many key issues? The answer is no. But I fear our Republic cannot survive another authoritarian conservative President. And McCain is that President.


rmwarnick said...

The old John McCain (four years ago) condemned the swiftboating of John Kerry. The new McCain, in every speech, accuses Barack Obama of treason.

Obi wan liberali said...

I guess he gave into the realities of what the quest for power is all about, neocon style. In 2000, I had alot of respect for John McCain. Today, it is mostly contempt.