Thursday, August 14, 2008

Georgia- The Results of Losing the High Ground

Step back for a second, away from the neocon vision of American invincibility and unilateralism, and recognize for a second, why Russia can ignore Bush, Rice, Cheney and any other neocon stooge. Let's compare the situations. Russia invades Georgia over actual and verifiable aggression against South Ossessia. The U.S. invades Iraq over, ahem, what Iraq might implausibly do the United States at some future time.

So on what grounds should Putin think he is losing face by invading Georgia? The United States has already lost the moral high ground, is over-committed militarily, and now is a "super-power" in name only. The neocon vision is now complete. Unfortunately, Russia has it's own neocon, and his name is Putin. So neocons, fire away with all your rhetoric at Russia for it's invasion of Georgia. But know this, they learned all this from you. Aren't you proud?


rmwarnick said...

"The Daily Show" managed to wring some laughs out of the U.S. dilemma. They ran video of our U.N. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad attempting to object to what he said was a Russian attempt at "regime change" without also condemning U.S. actions in Iraq. Khalilzad came up with a new rule that regime change is wrong-- if it's in Europe.

Obi wan liberali said...

I often wonder if neocons are smart enough to know just how inconsistent and hypocritical their thinking and logic is. Jon Steward and Stephen Colbert don't have to look far for a good laugh.