Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lunch at "The Club of Fools"

I ate lunch today at a private club I'm a member of. Since I was alone, I ate at the bar next to two knuckleheads whose combined IQ registered somewhere along the richter scale. First of all, they are talking about the porn sites they visit, then the football teams they hope win (big BYU fans :0) and then as the news turns to Obama's upcoming speech, I had to listen to these neanderthalic ditto-morphs dig into Barack Obama and hear what an "a-hole" he was, what a "god-damned communist" he was and how those greek columns (rather than evoking King's speech at the Lincoln Memorial) shows what an "arrogant elitist pussy" Barack Obama is.

So I did something very uncharacteristic, notwithstanding my calling out Cliff Lyon for his berating those he disagrees with. As I paid my bill and was leaving, I told these fat, middle-aged, uneducated baffoons, "this supporter of that arrogant elitist pussy would like to thank you- for I've now found people less intelligent than my houseplants, for they atleast know which direction the sun is shining. Have a nice day."

You can probably guess their intelligent response- "F*** U."

Atleast my food was good.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you really can't keep your mouth shut. I don't think I'd be able to taste my food in such company.

Urban Koda said...

Could you really consider it berating someone, when the beration itself is so beautifully constructed?

I fear I may have disrupted the work of my associates, for my quiet and subdued snickers could not be contained as I read the last piece of that.

This amongst many other stories of similarly minded life forms in the past days and weeks has made me reflect on the quote on your home page - the one about stupid people being conservative...

Obi wan liberali said...

I normally don't get in the face of people. It's not my style IRL, but these dufuses really ticked me off.

And BTW, I though Obama didn't only hit the ball out of the park, he hit it over the county line tonight. I even heard Pat Buchanon gushing over his speach. Wow!