Friday, August 29, 2008

Grand Slam- Obama Hit It Out Of the Park!

Admittedly, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry loaded the bases. But ultimately, it was Barack that smacked the ball over the fence and created a major score for our Republic. Kudos to Barack for defining what it is to be an American, not defined by ideology, but by commitment to fellow Americans. One of the things I have admired in Obama, is his ability to empathize and understand the issues Americans face. One shouldn't declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy because one develops an incurable disease, or houses a disabled child. One's devotion to our country isn't dependent upon our slavish willingness to declare war on anyone who we dislike.

I have my disagreements with Obama. But I sense that Obama atleast views those issues with a much similar lense with me, than they do with the amoral self-interested neo-cons that have dominated our Republic since 2001. Obama's interest, is in restoring American progress, rather than retrenching into an auro of fear. He understands that giving up freedoms to terrorists gives them a victory over us. He understands that giving tax breaks to the wealthy doesn't necessarily fuel our growth, but the growth of companies in other countries.

I was proud of Barack Obama tonight. He addressed the issues most important to Americans. He showed himself to be a formidable adversary to the authoritarian conservative quest for power over us insignificant little people. Barack Obama made it clear, that he is on our side, not the side of those who lay us off and ship our jobs overseas. He made it clear that he cares more for humans, than he does for ideologies. He made it clear that strength comes from our relationships, not from our reckless use of military force. Obama showed us that he is willing to take on the school-yard bully and defend American values, even if that defense ticks off the elites that would suppress us.

I came out of this convention with a renewed hope that had been lacking of late. My confidence in the intelligence and basic goodness of Americans has been temporarily restored. The hope that seemed so illogical only a week ago, has been renewed and invigorated. We as a Republic, may still overcome our serious obstacles. We still may be able to heal the rifts that demonize those we disagree with. Barack Obama showed tonight what our nation needs, and it isn't what we've had since 2001.

Tonight validated what so many of us had sensed for a long time, that our nation was adrift and lost. That reason had been replaced with fear and superstition. That those who were priviledged with access had found new and creative ways to rob us of our own dreams and aspirations. That a fundamental deep-seeded belief in the rule of law was being violated and subverted by those with the power to subvert it.

The choice at this juncture is about whether we will be influenced by power or principle. I believe that Obama stands as the principled candidate in this race, and that is why I endorse him. I used to admire McCain. Today, I see him as a toady to the authoritarian conservatives who would deprive us of our rights, demonize us for our differences, and create a nation of elites and serfs, eliminating the middle class that has characterized and emboldened our Republic.

McCain made a faustian bargain, where he gave up integrity, for power. Power has now become his end, not a means for a positive end. In some degrees I mourn for McCain, that he gave up so much, in the quest for power. But leaders don't bend to public opinion, they move it. McCain has bent to opinion, while Obama has moved public opinion. This election isn't about experience, it is about leadership. Obama has showed it, while McCain has abandoned it out of slavish devotion to political expediency. If we want a strong and effective leader, Obama is our man, and McCain, despite his many fine qualities, is not.


Just and Holy said...

Good post. Overall, I thought it was a great speech. The only thing that bothered me was that he talked a lot about what this "promise" is but not how to get there. He provided little detail at all. One may feel pretty good about Obama's vision for the future but have no idea if his plans will lead to it because he or she doesn't know what his plans are. I guess he can only do so much in one speech though. It's just that he never seems to go into details, it seems to be mostly nebulous grand visions without any specificity.

Even if I don't agree with Obama's policy positions, at least as I vaguely understand them, he does seem like a really decent family man who could do some good things for our country. I'll probably vote for McCain, but I'd be ok with Obama as president if he wins. We'll see what Palin does to mix up the race.

Obi wan liberali said...

Interesting comments j & h. Most organizations talk about their mission/vision/values and goals and objectives without too much detail about how they will accomplish it. Admittedly, accomplishing the grand objectives Obama has laid out will be daunting. But it is important to understand how a candidate prioritizes what is important to them.

I thought Obama gave a great speach, but much of America has already made up their mind. This election will likely depend on how 5% of our population decides to vote. I know in Utah, my vote won't count, but that won't stop me from speaking out regarding how I see things.

Best regards.