Thursday, October 16, 2008

Debate Thoughts- It's all About Barack

What struck me was just how much this debate was about Obama, and not about McCain. Admittedly, I am an Obama supporter and I see there were missed opportunities that Obama missed. But McCain still seems angry, and takes too much stock in stoking fears about Obama, than building confidence in him as our next President. It was almost like Obama was running for re-election and McCain was asking people to reconsider.

Another thought, in all three debates, Obama looked more Presidential. Though this was McCain's strongest debate, he still didn't look as Presidential as Obama. This was still about attacking Obama and creating doubts about him, not confidence in McCain. Obama was the cool collected one. He's the guy who can negotiate with the heads of other countries and not lose his cool, yet remain firm in defending America's interests. That is what Obama projects. Americans need reassurance. They don't need someone with issues who appear angry and distracted.

I know Republicans will do their best to say McCain won this debate, but the fact is, though it was McCain's best debate, Barack still won. He was the one who talked about what he would do, and though he contrasted himself with McCain, he didn't appear to detest McCain.

After this debate, I cannot imagine a scenario whereby John McCain becomes President. Obama is the better candidate and I believe he will be the better President.


bekkieann said...

I agree with your assessment completely. McCain seemed desperate, talked too fast, made a lot of factual mistakes. It didn't even look like a contest to me. Of course, I wanted Obama to win. The early polls say he did indeed.

Obi wan liberali said...

You know bekkieann, I found it interesting how so many conservative pundits tried to posture this debate as a game changer, until the poll results came in. At that point, they knew they were irrelevant and pretty much shut the hell up.

I now have hope for our country. I've been starved of that hope for years. I may actually sleep well tonight.

just-commenting said...

As we watched the debate, we both commented on Obama's composure and how it contrasted to McCain's angry desperation. We both felt very much at peace with the prospect of having a commander-in-chief who stays calm and cool, rather than acting and speaking with angry impulse.

The large focus on Joe the Plumber was laughable, especially since the issue is a complete sham. Anyone who knows the diference between a balance sheet, an income statement, and a Schedule C on a tax return (or a return for an S-Corp) knows that the $250,000 cut-off is not on the gross inflow to the business, but to the net profits after all business expenses and depreciation have been written off. I was sorry that Obama did not point that out.

I may not agree with Obama on every issue (it would be nearly impossible to find an exact clone for my ideas), but I have supported his candidacy for more than a year, and I will be much more comfortable with him as president.

The actuarial possibility of Palin as president if McCain were to win is frightening. When she speaks, I hear nothing but a few repetitive and vacuous talking points, as well as scurrilous distortions cloaked in the sweet twang of a pretty rodeo-queen (my sincere apologies to all rodeo queens).

When I hear her speak at rallies, my first thought really is of a junior high school cheerleader at a pep rally enthusiastically proclaiming that her school is "the best."

Allie said...

My Mister and I have a pretty good idea of the next SNL debate skit...

"So, John McCain, how would you solve the oil crisis?"

McCain- "Well, Obama would certainly not solve it."

I agree, he made everything too much about Obama, when he really needs to be focussing on why he would make a better president.

If Obama doesn't win, my faint glimmer of hope in our country's political system is going the rest of the way down the tube.