Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sarah Palin Abused the Powers of Her Office

Atleast that is what we hear from a bi-partisan, 10 Republican to 4 Democrat commission called to investigate the matter. Now why is this important? Employees of any state government potentially face severe pressure. Should a state audit of a prominent Republican (or Democrat depending on the state) legislator show a failure to adequately report income, or possession of taxable property, could they use their power to exempt themselves from those audit results? Could elected officials use their office to use the apparatus of the state to damage a state employee with whom they have a grudge? These issues have been dealt with quite adeptly by most state governments by providing certain protections to state employees. In the case of firing the Public Safety Commissioner in Alaska, he was an appointed person, serving at will. However in the case of Sarah Palin and her husband who seemed to be most willing to use her wife's position as a means of attacking someone he had animosity with, his brother-in-law, lobbying to fire such an individual using his wife's status as governor, not because of anything he did on the job, but because of matters personal to the Palin family, there are serious ethical questions regarding her role in the firing of the Public Safety Commissioner.

Sarah Palin was certainly willing to fire others who didn't carry her personal water so-to-speak, including a librarian in Wasilla. But as Governor, I sense she never thought that anyone would challenge her in this large but remote state. But that was before she became a national figure. Palin has showed herself as someone with far greater ethical challenges than someone who engaged in illegal activities decades ago (such as William Ayers who has worked with people from both political parties). These activities are current and relevant. They indicate an immature mind, that is unable to separate her family's interests from those of her elected office. It shows a tendency to view her office as something to further her future, rather than a responsibility to be taken seriously to serve her constituents with fairness and resolve. So on what basis does Sarah Palin now attack Barack Obama? Those who have worked with him suggest he is an honest and forthright individual. And Sarah Palin? There is a credibilty gap wider than airline miles one can accumulate flying between San Francisco and Guam. Is Steve Urquart, my friend, still convinced that she is the savior to the Republican ticket? I'm viewing her as an ankle bracelet with a fair amount of lead.

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