Friday, October 10, 2008

Illuminating Road Rage Incident

Driving home from work, I was in the fast lane hoping that the guy in front of me just might speed up a bit when someone in a white Suburban passed me on the right, assuming that I had power over the slow-poke ahead of me, who ultimately made a left turn into Lakepoint. He pulled in front of me with perhaps ten feet to spare. He then proceeded to give me "the finger." As it ends up, I found myself at a red light right next to this finger-waving nincompoop. I watched him say in great and clear lip synch, "Obama Sucks!" and he proceeded to flip me off again, this time with two hands. Oh yeah, I have two Obama bumper stickers on my car. In my lack of wisdom, I should have anticipated road rage from some demented nutjob who probably sincerely believes Obama is a terrorist, a Manchurian candidate or the antichrist, or whatever.

I sense great anger, anxiety and fear coming from people about the possibility of having a President with the middle name Hussein (notwithstanding our long-standing positive relationship with King Hussein of Jordan). I sense fear that someone other than a devout right-wing Christian just might have the power of the executive. But I was surprised that this numbnuts acted the way he did. I haven't acted aggressively to anyone with a McCain/Palin bumper sticker. They may be dumber than a post, but that is their prerogative. To the dude in the white Suburban, take a chill pill, though I was driving alone, I might have been driving my kids somewhere. I don't mind you risking my life (I have oodles of life insurance), but keep in mind, I might be with others in my car. So get a grip, take a sedative and pull yourself together. I'm not your mortal enemy because I have two Obama bumperstickers on my car.


Anonymous said...

I sure wish that there was a way to throw a flag on people for "flagrant idiocy" when they do things like that. That might make life as entertaining as a football game if we had moron police with the power to throw that kind of flag. Of course, we may be disappointed or begin to despair for our society because how many yellow flags we see being thrown.

Obi wan liberali said...

I actually have a sort of funny story about the 1988 campaign. I was still and active Mormon who attended a University Ward, where I taught Gospel Doctrine. I was driving on I-80 (with a Dukaikis bumpersticker) and this car pull up beside me and the guy in it give me a dirty look only to realize he attended my class on Sunday.

At church on Sunday, he apologized for the glare and said, "seeing that bumper-sticker made me assume the worst about you." "My bad." We remained on friendly terms after that.

tryintogetit said...

I have 4 diferent type on my car varing from "Chaney Satan 08" to "Hey Bush supporter - Embarrassed Yet" a "IRAQ/N" and finally a "McCain Bush's Tird Term"

I've had all these on just about all year and finally got a finger from a guy in an AZ tagged minivan on I-15 the other day. His wife tried to stop him, I just smiled.