Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Time To Go Positive

In the rough and tumble world of politics, alot of groundwork is taken by candidates to undermine the other candidate and to create a sense of fear about supporting them. I have watched too many politicos who seem oblivious to the idea, that in the last two weeks, people want to believe in a candidate, not just disbelieve in one. It is a matter of timing, and Democratic politicos (consultants) tend to misread voters and take desperate acts when they should be focusing on the positive.

A classic case of this was Wayne Owen's campaign in 1992. The political consultants that surrounded him wanted him to go after Robert Bennett and try to tie him to watergate. These well-paid, yet incompetent nincompoops turned a small margin for Bennett into a solid victory for a bald-headed do nothing Senator. I still after a decade and a half feel a certain disdain for the politicos who so badly misplayed their hand.

My opinion, not as a political consultant, but a person involved in politics for a long time, says that now is the time for Barack Obama to turn positive. It is time for him to focus less on McCain and on the vision he hopes to lead this country. It has been a rough and tumble campaign, with alot of divisive discontent among Americans. Now is the time for a leader to emerge, to try to unify our country as best they can. Someone to recognize the basic goodness of most Americans.

Now is the time to inspire hope by Obama, and not fear in McCain and Palin. It is time for those who wish to govern, to establish their bona fides by acting like a leader now. Americans are desperately hungry for this. Turn off all commercials that could be construed as negative and that even mention McCain and Palin. To Obama, talk about your vision, your goals and your commitment to the rule of law, to economic fairness and to a desire to strengthen our country and regain the moral high ground that has been surrendered by eight years of George W. Bush.

This election, should no longer be about John McCain. Don't mention him. It is time for Barack Obama to show himself as the leader who will enter office with confidence, competence and a clear set of goals and objectives. Americans are starving for such a vision. In the environment of such a projection, any attacks on Rev. Wright will fall on deaf ears. Americans are desperate for a unifying leader, not more scapegoats for our failings as a nation and culture.

My message to Obama- LEAD!!!! Our nation desperately needs leadership and vision. It has lacked it for eight long years and now is the time to show McCain as a divider, not a uniter. But it is time for Obama to speak to his vision, not against McCains. It is time to reassure us about an Obama administration, not scare us about a McCain/Palin administration. Now is the time to wear the mantle of the position you hope to hold, not worry about your opponent.

Admittedly, Obama's politicos may or may not follow what I have to say, but I am confident from the many political wars I've fought in the past, that the advice is sound.

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