Friday, October 24, 2008

So McCain Now Disavows George W. Bush

So now I've read that McCain is critical of the lame duck President. His deficits, signing statements, warrantless eavesdropping, etc. WHERE HAS HE BEEN FOR THE LAST SEVEN YEARS!!!! Did it take him looking into the abyss of electoral defeat before he saw what so many of us have worried about for years? Who is John McCain? I mean really? And I thought Flip Romney, the conservative former liberal Governor of Massachusetts was perplexing.

If the Republican party base wanted change, they would have picked someone like Ron Paul. But in the primary, without mentioning George W. Bush, all the candidates (except Paul) all parroted his policies and foreign policy outlook. It seemed to them, that all was needed was better marketing. Mitt, with his flawless hair and corporate demeanor could repackage the failed Bush policies? Right? Well it didn't happen. Huckaby, with his evangelical views and a slight bit of folksy populism, could repackage 80% of the Bush agenda, right? Naw, didn't happen.

So McCain, trying to out-conservative his conservative rivals became the defacto spokesperson for the neocon world view. Well, when that worldview shows it's weak, and disgusting head and the implications of what has transpired the past nearly eight years, what is McCain to think? "Maybe I should have spoke up?" Hey, I hold alot of Democrats guilty for their failure to do so as well. But McCain is in a special place. He proudly supported George W. Bush, after some reservations about his tax cuts (probably while his feelings were still hurt because of being Roved over in 2000).

But I have to be honest, that I never thought it would get to this, that a so-called Maverik would declaw himself, and then want to regrow them for the last two weeks before the election. The claws are gone, and your credibility is in shambles. You've picked an undereducated, under-qualified running mate who has done nothing but bring out the worst, in your already mentally ahakey base. I don't know what to think about John McCain at this point. In 2000, I was an admirer of him. In 2008, I vascillate between pity and scorn. He is almost like a Shakespearean tragic figure like a McBeth or King Lear.

Truly perplexing time we are living in. Atleast Greenspan apologized. When will George W. Bush and John McCain?

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