Sunday, October 19, 2008

Distributing Bowen Lawn Signs

This morning, I spent a great deal of time distributing Morgan Bowen lawn signs in my native Tooele. As I went from sight to sight, I was amazed to find zero signs from Rob Bishop. Bishop isn't running a campaign, because he thinks his position is a calling, not something he actually needs to run for. He actually may be right. I have total disdain for Rep. Bishop, but I am in the minority, because I have actually tracked his actions/inactions and have taken note. A vote for Rob Bishop makes as much sense as installing a screen door in a submarine. Much of my contempt for Utahns stems from their blind and idiotic support from a guy who has accomplished nothing other than slavishly supporting an extremely inept President. Utah voters in the first Congressional district are an embarrassment to our Republic. Finding an informed voter in Davis County is like trying to find a Christian Ayatollah. And it doesn't get much better in the newer sub-divisions in my native Tooele.

I'm still trying to find out the basis of the stupidity I'm surrounded by, but I'm still trying to figure it out. But religion seems to be the strongest influence for stupidity over reason. But I could be wrong.

Just saying.


Allie said...

Unfortunately, I think you're right. (and I live in Davis County)

I really think it comes down to two issues. Abortion and same sex marriage. It's easier for LDS people to overlook the things in the republican party that they disagree with than it is for them to overlook those two issues, which is funny since there isn't much of anything in the state party platform that goes against any church teachings.

I have several Morgan Bowen signs in my garage if anyone reading this lives in davis county and would like one (I have one in my yard too, but I'm not giving that one away).

Urban Koda said...

I guess this makes 2 informed voters in Davis county - plus my wife has seen the light in recent months, so could be a promising 3rd.

If you have a sign to spare I would be glad to display it proudly in my yard - although in recent weeks there has been some theft of Democratic Party signs in the neighborhood.

Ironic that those who support the Republican party because they think that any other choice will remove freedom, will willingly trample others rights to support their candidates of choice. I guess the disdain for freedom has gone all the way from the top to the bottom...